November 2018 Meeting

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Special Guest, Author’s Assistant Amy Hrutkay

Place: Sewickley Public Library

10:00am – 12pm

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Life of an Author PA

After Fifty Shades of Gray was released, Amy re-learned the joy of reading. In 2014 she met Susan Stoker in a Facebook party and won a copy of her first book. Ever since that point they have been close friends and Amy travels to events to assist Susan whenever possible. Recently, when Amazon’s Kindle Worlds program folded, Susan made the decision to start her own company to keep the fan-fiction books alive and asked Amy to run the back-end operations of the LLC.

Amy Hrutkay received a BA from the University of North Carolina/Charlotte. She’s worked as a paralegal as well as a contract specialist for a government contractor. After she earned her AA in accounting, she began focusing on the financial aspects of government contracting. She’s been working with numbers for seventeen years and currently works for Progeny Systems  as a financial analyst.


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