October 2018 Meeting

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Author and Special Guest, Colleen Myers

Place: Sewickley Public Library

10:00am – 12pm

Medicine and Manuscripts, Oh My

Medical situations can make fiction more dramatic and can hook readers – just ask fans of General Hospital, the longest-running soap opera in American history! By using accurate medical details, characters, and scenarios, you can improve the believability of your book and rivet readers.

Review background information about typical medical training and discuss urban versus rural practices – helpful when writing about small town romance settings!

You will also learn about:

Using proper terminology

What the different levels of training are

Rural vs. urban – small town romance, realities of medical care

Quirks of medicine/how to dress your characters

How TV/movies get it wrong/HIPPA fails

Additional resources

There will also be a Q&A, so be sure to bring all your medical ailments to get a free consultation from Dr. Colleen (don’t do that).

Bonus session: Use your stethoscope as a nunchuck. (just kidding) (not really)

Colleen plays many roles. Not only is she a veteran, a mother, and a practicing physician, but she is a writer of science fiction and contemporary romances. Colleen’s dreams include surviving her son’s teenage years, exploring every continent on this planet, except Antartica, cause that’s way too cold, and winning the Nobel peace prize. Dream BIG! Currently, she is working on Distant Memory, the third in her SciFi Romance series. In the meantime, look for her at https://www.colleensmyers.com

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