TRRW November meeting – EARLY – Sat, Nov 21st at 10-12pm.

The first thing every new author learns is that if they want to be successful, they must do two things:

-Use a professional editor.
-Get a top-notch cover.
But most don’t know, there’s a third vital component of success…

…the description.

Without it, you’ll lose potential readers.

Even more exciting!  Brian has offered to critique a few blurbs during our session.  If you are interested in having him review yours, please send it to me either via email–[email protected]   OR you can send it to me in FACEBOOK Messenger.  I will send them to him by Wednesday evening and he will select which ones he will review.

Brian D. Meeks is an author who writes under his name and the pen name Arthur Byrne. He discovered a knack for weaving tales quite by accident on Jan 2, 2010 and has been writing every day since. Becoming a novelist has changed his life. As of September 2015, Brian has written and published eleven novels and one non-fiction title.


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