April 2018 Meeting

Join us Saturday, April 28, 2018

Where: ***New Location: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – West End Library***

47 Wabash St.

Pittsburgh PA, 15220

When: 10:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.

What: It’s Not Boilerplate, It’s the Plot to Your Career

Okay, we’re all wordsmiths and readers, but when it comes to contracts….Well, they’re not exactly romance novels, are they?  But they are important little devils, and can lead many an unsuspecting author astray.  This class will explore basic contract concepts and provide a high-level overview of an author’s rights in her work.  We’ll discuss compensation/consideration, indemnification, and termination, among other legal terms.
Of course, since this presentation is being offered by a lawyer, we can’t escape one disclaimer:
This class shall not constitute legal advice, nor shall it create an attorney-client relationship.  


Erin O’Brien w/a Laurel Kerr is a romance writer who sometimes goes to the dark side and practices law.  Her debut novel, Wild On My Mind, will be released in print and ebooks October of this year.  Wild On My Mind (under the name “Volunteering Her Heart”) reached the 2016 Golden Heart Finals.  Laurel also finaled in the Golden Hearts in 2017 with her manuscript, “Lord Lion and the Lady Publisher.”  She was formerly senior counsel at Wabtec and an associate at Eckert Seamans.  Laurel graduated first in her class from Washington & Lee School of Law.

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