We know how difficult it can be to keep all the available writers opportunities straight, so as a courtesy to our members we’ve created a calendar that not only illustrates TRRW’s activities, but also those of the writers’ communities in our area.

If you are part of another writers’ community and would like your information included on our calendar, please email us at: [email protected].



MEETINGS: With few exceptions our meetings will be held on the fourth Saturday of each month. To see where we’ll be meeting and who’ll be speaking at each meeting, please click on the corresponding year in the menu bar and scroll down to the month you’re interested in. Non-members may attend up to two (2) meetings before they must become a member. We hope you won’t need more than one to convince you to join TRRW!

EVENTS: From time to time we host other events in addition to our meetings. Whether it’s a pitch opportunity or a retreat, you can get all the info you need by clicking on the event name from the menu under “Meetings & Events.”


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