October 2018 Workshop

Search Warrants, Search and Seizure for Writers

4 Week Course, October 8-November 2, 2018

Place: Facebook Group

Price: TRRW Members – $15

RWA Members  – $25

Non-RWA Members – $35

Instructor: Mary Garcia

Workshop Description:

Have you wondered what exactly goes into a search warrant? Getting a search warrant signed by a judge is not as easy as television makes it seem. There is plenty of investigation and writing that happens before law enforcement gets to that point. 

In this class you will learn the basics of what a search warrant is, what it takes to get a judge to approve it, how it is served, legal terminology, legal considerations, and other considerations for law enforcement. You will read search warrants served for various crimes.  You will be given a mock crime report and scene. You will view photos and other items to write your own basic search warrant. 

Week One                                                                                                           

Basic definitions for law enforcement relating to searches, seizures and warrants

Probable Cause vs. reasonable suspicion

Constitutional Amendments relating to searches, seizures, warrants

Search Warrant –Affidavit

Warrant – Technical requirements

Mock Crime Introduced (can also use Work in Progress)

Week 2

Describing the place to be searched

Describing the evidence

Problem areas

Proper ways to describe

Executing the search warrant

Assignment – mock crime scene warrant

Week 3

Entry procedure

Considerations of officers- size of residence, time of day, silence when know they are inside

Tricks and ruses

Securing premises

Displaying the warrant

What may be searched in a residence

What if officers find additional contraband when serving warrant?

Assignment- continue mock crime scene warrant first half of week, due at beginning of week 4

Week 4

Mock warrant due for review/discussion first part of week 4

What happens after the search warrant is served?

Search warrant return service

Evidence chain of custody

Other searches

Instructor Bio: Mary lives in the Sacramento area of California. She has been a police officer for fourteen years. Six of those years as a detective, eight as a patrol officer, and she was recently promoted to sergeant.  Mary loves to read, travel, exercise, meditate, spend time with family and friends, enjoy some wine or tea depending on the occasion. She has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from CSU Sacramento and a Master of Science in Criminology from UC Irvine. 

*This workshop will be taught via private Facebook group. Those who sign up will receive an email with the Facebook link to join a couple days before the start of the workshop.

Workshop Pricing

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