TRRW November 2017 Workshop

Crafting Native American Characters

 Dates: November 6 – December 1, 2017

 Price: TRRW Members – $15

RWA Members – $25

Non-RWA Members – $35

Instructor: Melinda Williams

Workshop Description:

November is Native American Heritage Month. Do you ever wonder how much research goes into developing a Native American Character and make them thrive? Wonder how they use herbs to help the medicine man cure the sick. In this class, you will master the concept of tracking down and learning what is the most important techniques to capture the reader’s heart. Enhance your knowledge of their customs and rituals to make the reader understand. Transform how you write no matter the character. Grasp the intensity of the American Indian while creating your character.



  • Discuss the many different American Indian Tribes and where they are located. How to come up with specific character names.
  • Discuss the many different herbs and their uses.
  • How to incorporate animals into your writing.
  • How to create believable shapeshifters into your writing.

Instructor Bio:
Melinda lives in the majestic mountains of Arizona. She is a published author of romance, mystery, and paranormal. She also writes articles for Southern Writers Magazine, Native Hoop Magazine, and CEO/Owner of Red Rock Author Services. When she isn’t creating a suspense story with captivating characters, she can be found reading, writing articles for a magazine, or spending time with her husband Vernon and her kids, Shaelee and Erik.

As a young child, she loved reading and writing. Many nights she would wrap up in a blanket, daydream while creating characters for her own stories. To her own surprise, she started writing and creating my very own world, a place where I could go and lose myself with just a pen and paper.

​She grew up with the fascination of the American Indian. Her love for them grew rapidly as she read about them from my history book. She wanted to show, in her writings, of the proud people that the American Indians truly are. They show honor and respect for all living things. If she can capture just a small portion of that in her writings then that would be an added bonus for her.


Workshop Pricing

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