March…came in like a lion!

Wow. It’s March. Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Well, now that it’s here, let’s talk about the March meeting of Three Rivers Romance Writers! Stop by the Sewickley Library on Saturday, March 23rd, at 10:00AM to hear Nancy Martin will deliver “Controlling Your Inner Bitch: How to create the career you want includes writing the best book you can, but also how you manage the way you are perceived by readers and the rest of the publishing industry.” Topics include re-inventing and branding yourself, maintaining your public persona, and building good karma. It’s sure to be informative and fun!

As always, if anyone else has exciting news — maybe you entered a contest or pitched to an agent — this month we’d love to hear about it, so please leave comments here, on the Yahoo loop (, or on our Facebook page (

See you in Sewickley on the 23rd!

Posted by: Bonnie Forsythe

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