2019 Workshops

Three Rivers Romance Writers Online Workshops:

If you are an author, industry professionals, or expert in your field and able to offer insightful research and are interested in teaching an online workshop, please contact Lisa Steliotes at ThreeRiversRWVPWorkshops@gmail.com.


Speaker: Ines Johnson

Topic:   Creating Your Own Book Trailer

                                                           Online:   September 2nd to September 27th

                                                      Ines will cover 4 simple steps for writing copy to 

                                      persuade a reader to pick up your book. 

                                       We will then turn this into a book trailer!

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Speaker:  Karen Albright Lin

 Topic:  The Magic Sales Tools: 1 Line, 1 Paragraph, 1 Page,

Query letter, & Pitching in Person

Online:   Oct. 2nd to Oct. 28th

                                            Learn the secrets to creating 3 of the most important tools                                            you’ll ever use. Summing up your story in 3 different lengths,

                                               will help you better understand the tale you’re weaving &                                                                      captivate editors and agents.


REGISTER:  http://threeriversromancewriters.com/2019/07/1468/



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