TRRW Board Members


2020 TRRW Board Members

President – Oversees all TRRW meetings and board meetings, board of directors, membership, committee chairpersons and liaisons, chapter business.

Laura Stember

Vice President of Communications – Oversees all TRRW communications and programs and tools, and public relations.

Colleen S. Myers

Vice President of Workshops – Oversees all TRRW online workshops (including scheduling), monthly meeting speakers, and any special online or in person workshops.

Lisa Valli-Steliotes

Secretary – Oversees membership, records all TRRW business and correspondence and general and board meeting minutes.

Sheila Larkin

Treasurer – Oversees all finances including membership dues, workshop collections, and collection and disbursement of chapter funds.

Cindy Moldovan


If you have any questions for any of our board members, please email to directed individual at

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